Great Time to Sell Your Vacation Home

Why This is an Absolutely Great Time to Sell Your Vacation Home

As COVID restrictions continue to diminish and travel plans start to become "normal" again, many are planning to travel again for the first time in a year.  Many are electing to buy a vacation home, which provides more stability and investment opportunities as well.  

There has been a non-deniable increase in demand for vacation homes both locally and afar, with many realizing they prefer to socialize with smaller groups of family and friends rather than staying in large resorts. Not only are vacation homes seen as more pandemic-friendly, but they can also provide long term escapes from suburban and urban environments.  Many buyers realize that with high-speed internet being built-out, they now have options on where and when they work.  We have seen many buyers that have chosen to make Brantingham, Chase Lake, Lake Bonaparte, the Adirondacks and the Tug Hill their "home office", and it's a trend I believe will continue in the future.

Couple significant increase in demand with low inventory, low interest rates and recent gains in stock market portfolios and you have the perfect storm historically high market values for second homes.  We predict that this demand will only increase as we head into summer.  If you own a vacation property and would like to take advantage of today's high buyer interest, we'd love to discuss your opportunities.

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